Moving Day

I was fortunate enough to extend my residency at the Bemis. This week, it’s coming to an end.

While I’m sad to have that time end, I’m excited to move into my new space in Lincoln:

new studio

Big spaces call for big works. I’m very excited to share with you what will be coming out of this space in the next few weeks and months.

The best part of moving studios?

More time with this guy:


Absence and Presence

Last night I took part in a happening at the Bemis. Six diners were present, and they in turn invited six who were absent.

Here are some initial shots from that meal; I contributed the dishes.


Looking past the set table, onto the windows of the installation space in the Bemis.


Every element for the dinner was made by a Bemis resident.


TJ Edwards before the happening.

Big News: My Residency at the Bemis

Today was the start of something new. I’m very very excited that, for the next three months, I will be an artist-in-residence at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

Ceramics Studio at the Bemis

This is where I, TJ Edwards, will be spending the next three months: the ceramics studio at the Bemis.

Back in April I learned that I was chosen to be a resident at the Bemis. I’m the first resident in an arrangement between the University of Nebraska Lincoln and the Bemis, where one graduate from the MFA program has a reserved spot at the Bemis

Today is the start of that residency. This morning I left Lincoln Nebraska, my car packed with my wheel and 200 pounds of clay. My studio is the largest space I’ve ever had dedicated to making art. I can’t wait to fill it up with my work! There are so many possibilities.  In fact I was so excited, that after setting up things in my studio, I sat down and began throwing for my first project.

The First Project

The start of something new….

Over the next three months I’ll be documenting my residency. I know it’ll be a intense few months, but I’m excited about the opportunity to focus on my work and on making.  I very much look forward to sharing this with you all as I explore new ideas and develop projects that I’ve wanted to do for years.